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We use cookies to store your Tracklist data and landing page. By clicking above you consent to this. Original Artist Tracks - If you are using the service in the UK a valid PPL licence is required. All music copyright the respective rights holders. Fit Mix Pro is the leading music download site for group fitness music mixes featuring original artist tracks. Using our patented AutoDJ system, fitness instructors can create custom mixes for Aerobics, Aqua, Conditioning, Cycling, Pilates, Step, Seniors, Stretch and Yoga group fitness classes, just choose your tracks and click Mix It!

After you click Mix It the AutoDJ custom mixes tracks seamlessly in 32 count format for use in group fitness classes. This service is for use in the UK by Fitness Professionals (Fit Pros) with a PPL licence. Fit Pros must hold a PPL licence to play original artist group fitness music mixes in public in the UK. PPL licences are available to buy here. Alternatively Fit Pros can use group fitness music mixes from Fit Mix Pro for group fitness in public if they buy a PPL licence from any other PPL registered agent.

Many tracks are in 32 count format, ideal for group fitness music mixes for most choreography used by Fit Pros. The orange '32' next to a track means that track is in 32 count format and will have a beat reference throughout the track. All group fitness music mixes can be downloaded and burned to CD using our seamless CD burner which comes with every mix. After you click Mix It and pay via PayPal your mix will be ready in about 5 minutes. No 'Pro Dub' licence required. To hear how the custom mixes sound click Mix Demo between tracks in your Tracklist. Fit Mix Pro is licensed to sell music download services for use by Fit Pros in group fitness classes via PPL UK Ltd and PRS For Music Ltd.