Chart, Dance Anthems, 70s / 80s / 90s, House / EDM, All BPMs:

Jennifer Lopez120Ain't Your Mama [Unmixed]sample clip
Studio B127I See Girls [Unmixed]sample clip
Thurston Harris89Little Bitty Pretty One [Un...sample clip
Swing Republic f Karina K...126Long Legs [Unmixed]sample clip
Jason Derulo113Take You Dancing [Unmixed]sample clip
Willow81Whip My Hair [Unmixed]sample clip
RuPaul128Cover Girl [Unmixed]sample clip
Black Eyed Peas & Shakira124Girl Like Me [Unmixed]sample clip
Scott Bradlee's Postmoder...116Thong Song (feat. Blake Lew...sample clip
Sonny Lester and His Big ...82Walkin' & Strippin' [Unmixed]sample clip
Dolly Parton133Baby I'm Burnin' [Unmixed]sample clip
Christina Aguilera111Bound to You [Unmixed]sample clip
Martha Wash119Carry On [Unmixed]sample clip
Glee Cast128Boogie Shoes (Glee Cast Ver...sample clip
Don Diablo, Jessie J 120Brave [Unmixed]sample clip
Luis Fonsi, Stefflon Don 112Calypso [Unmixed]sample clip
Freya Ridings 118Castles [Unmixed]sample clip
Marcapasos101Girl [Unmixed]sample clip
Eric Carmen 110Hungry Eyes [Unmixed]sample clip
Glee Cast 86Lean On Me [Unmixed]sample clip
KES the Band132Look Fuh Dat [Unmixed]sample clip
Nadia Mukami105Tesa [Unmixed]sample clip
Alfa Romero1261001 Nights EPsample clip
Fran&co123Cala Brassa
sample clip
Paige122Down [Unmixed]sample clip
Simmy120Emakhaya (feat. Da Capo & S...
sample clip
Chaim120Drums Marrakechsample clip
Young Jing90Die Kamele [Unmixed]sample clip
Atella100Ethereal [Unmixed]sample clip
Julian Collet1081k [Unmixed]sample clip
Yogi Flora110Adventure [Unmixed]sample clip
Moini111Camasutra [Unmixed]sample clip
Bo Degas114C'est Logic [Unmixed]sample clip
Yamil115Deep Red in the Sky (Remix)...sample clip
Chicane115Everything We Had To Leave ...sample clip
Blanche120City Lights (Gorje Hewek & ...sample clip
Nox Vahn120Come Together / Naturish [U...sample clip
Rosewall121Destiny [Unmixed]sample clip
Grum122Afterglow (The Remixes) [Un...sample clip
Nihil Young122Don't Give Up (Radio Edit) ...sample clip
Young Jing123Anika [Unmixed]sample clip
SverreV123Closure [Unmixed]sample clip
Red Moon125Dreamer (Simon Field Remix)...sample clip
Train80Drops of Jupiter (Tell Me) ...sample clip
Ellis Hall100Flip Flop and Fly [Unmixed]sample clip
Jerry Lee Lewis102Wild One [Unmixed]sample clip
Scott Bradlees Postmodern...90Creep [Unmixed]sample clip
Parliament103Ride On [Unmixed]sample clip
Renee Zellweger132Roxie [Unmixed]sample clip
The Original Cast124Bend and Snap [Unmixed]sample clip
Rosie Lowe80Woman [Unmixed]sample clip
Banks132Crowded Places [Unmixed]sample clip
Gillian Hills124Tut tut tut tut [Unmixed]sample clip
Goldfrapp121Lovely Head [Unmixed]sample clip
Enya117Orinoco Flow [Unmixed]sample clip
Julee Cruise115Falling [Unmixed]sample clip
Nick Drake115River Man [Unmixed]sample clip
Michael Nyman98The Heart Asks Pleasure Fir...sample clip
Moby98Why Does My Heart Feel So B...sample clip
Scott Bradlee's Postmoder...90It Wasn't Me (feat. Ariana ...sample clip
Jennifer Ann54Everybody's Free (To Feel G...sample clip
Olivia Rodrigo73drivers license [Variable BPM]sample clip
The Mohawks111The Champ [Unmixed]sample clip
Ed Sheeran110Afterglow [Unmixed]sample clip
The Contours150Do You Love Me [Unmixed]sample clip
Ran the Man116Somewhere in My Mind [Unmixed]sample clip
Odesza120Sun Models [Unmixed]sample clip
JP Cooper99September Song (Piano Acous...sample clip
Martin Garrix & Dua Lipa114Scared to Be Lonely (Acoust...sample clip
FC Kahuna120Hayling (John Digweed & Nic...sample clip
Civet Cat95Surrounded by Bubbles [Unmi...sample clip
Not3s & Mabel106My Lover (Acoustic) [Unmixed]sample clip
Clean Bandit105I Miss You (Piano Version) ...sample clip
Martin Jensen109Solo Dance (Acoustic Mix) [...sample clip
Bon Lui115Feel the Heat [Unmixed]sample clip
Rita Ora114Your Song (Acoustic) [Unmixed]sample clip
Shawn Mendes122There's Nothing Holdin Me B...sample clip
George Ezra138Paradise (Acoustic Version)...sample clip
Far Orange120Bitter Move [Unmixed]sample clip
Petit Biscuit91Sunset Lover [Unmixed]sample clip
Sum Wave116The Strolling Cat [Unmixed]sample clip
Buscemi110Buscemi [Unmixed]sample clip
Chip Wickham90Blue to Red [Unmixed]sample clip
Moon Panda88Slow Drive [Unmixed]sample clip
Catching Flies88Kite Hill (Freddie Joachim ...sample clip
Arms and Sleepers75Leon [Unmixed]sample clip
Pablo Nouvelle65Curiosity [Unmixed]sample clip
Boozoo Bajou97Same Sun [Unmixed]sample clip
Seahawks93Eyes of the Moon [Unmixed]sample clip
A Vision of Panorama95New Horizons [Unmixed]sample clip
Phenomenal Handclap Band104Do What You Like [Unmixed]sample clip
Flamingo Pier118Tripping Up [Unmixed]sample clip
North of Loreto115Cruel Summer [Unmixed]sample clip
Izo FitzRoy117Blind Faith (Art of Tones R...sample clip
Gabriele Poso120Lime Tree [Unmixed]sample clip
Jitwam119Echante [Unmixed]sample clip
TIEKS114Sunshine (Acoustic) [Unmixed]sample clip
Rag n Bone Man71Skin (Acoustic) [Unmixed]sample clip
Brian Culbertson115A New Beginning [Unmixed]sample clip
Giants' Nest115Baloom [Unmixed]sample clip
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