Chart, Dance Anthems, 70s / 80s / 90s, House / EDM, All BPMs:

Sublab & Azaleh69Maera [Unmixed]sample clip
Cashforgold & Tim Schaufert70Let You Go (Ak Remix) [Unmi...sample clip
Jellis67You're the One That I Need ...sample clip
Escapism Refuge70Fly Away (feat. Charli Brix...sample clip
Nosaj Thing80Way We Were (feat. Zuri Mar...sample clip
Ider100Does She Even Know [Unmixed]sample clip
Eeph86Night [Unmixed]sample clip
N4m385Tomorrow [Unmixed]sample clip
Gelka & Synkro90Prefab [Unmixed]sample clip
Wmd90Coalesce [Unmixed]sample clip
Ghostly Kisses55Roses [Unmixed]sample clip
Mvejimv62Out of Sight [Unmixed]sample clip
Gelka & Forteba62Habitable Zone [Unmixed]sample clip
Feverkin97November [Unmixed]sample clip
Oscuro80Stay with Me [Unmixed]sample clip
Julien Marchal112Insight XX [Unmixed]sample clip
Bonobo94Kong [Unmixed]sample clip
Direct100One Step Forward [Unmixed]sample clip
Lewis Capaldi112Before You Go [Unmixed]sample clip
Amos Roddy & Toytree70Memory Cloud [Unmixed]sample clip
Frank Sinatra94Cheek To Cheek [Unmixed]sample clip
Jackie Wilson141Baby Workout [Unmixed]sample clip
Swingrowers124Pump Up the Jam [Unmixed]sample clip
Four Tops123Loco In Acapulco [Unmixed]sample clip
Sonny Lester Orchestra94Bumps and Grinds [Unmixed]sample clip
Bananarama108Cruel Summer [Unmixed]sample clip
Pentatonix143Any Way You Want It [Unmixed]sample clip
The Puppini Sisters108Girls Just Wanna Have Fun [...sample clip
All India Radio52Evening Starsample clip
Bliss96a hundred thousand angelssample clip
Jennifer Berezan96Returningsample clip
MC YOGI96Shanti (Peace Out)sample clip
Niraj Chag64Banglessample clip
Quentin Dujardin70To 1977sample clip
Sean Johnson & The Wild L...70Om Hari Om-Sharanam Ganesha...sample clip
Shantala72Purnamadahsample clip
Sona Jobarteh63Reflectionssample clip
Wah!96Ma Chant (Savasana)sample clip
Toploader119Dancing In The Moonlight [U...sample clip
Pabllo Vittar F Charli Xcx 123Flash Pose [Unmixed]sample clip
Lizzo f Ariana Grande96Good As Hell [Unmixed]sample clip
Sam Butera And The Witnesses138Let The Good Times Roll [Un...sample clip
HAIM105Now I'm In It [Unmixed]sample clip
Benny Benassi Presents Th...130Satisfaction [Unmixed]sample clip
Swing Republic101Crazy In Love (Drop Dead Da...sample clip
Tape Five119Geraldines Routine [Unmixed]sample clip
Beth Ditto127In and Out [Unmixed]sample clip
Amy Winehouse91Stronger Than Me [Unmixed]sample clip
Billie Eilish92all the good girls go to he...sample clip
The XX122Heart Skipped A Beat [Unmixed]sample clip
Beyonce91Daddy Lessons [Unmixed]sample clip
S Club 7126Viva La Fiesta [Unmixed]sample clip
Scott Bradlees Postmodern...139No Diggity [Unmixed]sample clip
Stereophonics73Would You Believe [Unmixed]sample clip
Maggie Rogers100Fallingwater [Unmixed]sample clip
Wham!132Im Your Man [Unmixed]sample clip
Sil Austin97Slow Walk [Unmixed]sample clip
The Baseballs 104Everybody (Baseballs Back) ...sample clip
Hot Chocolate105You Sexy Thing (7 Version) ...sample clip
Elton John89Im Still Standing [Unmixed]sample clip
Mink de Ville129Spanish Stroll [Unmixed]sample clip
Santigold99GO! [Unmixed]sample clip
IHF106Bloomsample clip
CRi (feat. Ouri & Odile M.)116Why I Love Yousample clip
Aleksandir120Between Summerssample clip
Classixx61A Mountain with No Ending (...sample clip
Jax Jones & Ella Henderson122This Is Real (Acoustic)sample clip
Kiatu63Window Trinketsample clip
boerd124Fragment II (Radio Edit)sample clip
Catching Flies123Mamas Wisdomsample clip
Maribou State (feat. Holl...127Nervous Ticssample clip
Ambyion67Reaching for the Starssample clip
Equador60Avalon (Sieren Remix)sample clip
Sol Rising62Chillaxingsample clip
Dear Gravity60Departure - Canvassample clip
Dear Gravity55Faint Embersample clip
Ametsub70Mbr Ajisaisample clip
Ghosts of Paraguay68All of Mesample clip
Sau Poler66Juunsample clip
Equador70Bones of Man (Himalia Remix)sample clip
Aer Mor40Farther Onsample clip
Michael FK50Go Backsample clip
Michael FK & Faodail50Holding Backsample clip
Santport100Kaizensample clip
Eli & Fur91Something Was Real [Big Bre...
sample clip
Outerspace55Meditationsample clip
Kisnou58Musesample clip
The Ambientalist60Mysteries Unfoldsample clip
WMD60Redolentsample clip
Jellis66Send Me To the Deepsample clip
The Field Tapes & Azula70Upstatesample clip
Michael FK50Vacuumsample clip
Dear Gravity61What I've Become (Elskavon ...sample clip
Faodail110Wrensample clip
Henry Green88Shiftsample clip
Vanilla90Snowdancesample clip
Gelka97Open (feat. Sam Brookes)sample clip
Aukai55Colorado (Parra for Cuva Re...sample clip
Dan Head69You're So Cool (From "True ...sample clip
Michael Buble76Santa Babysample clip
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