Chart, Dance Anthems, 70s / 80s / 90s, House / EDM, All BPMs:, with 'yoga'

Sublab & Azaleh69Maera [Unmixed]sample clip
Cashforgold & Tim Schaufert70Let You Go (Ak Remix) [Unmi...sample clip
Jellis67You're the One That I Need ...sample clip
Escapism Refuge70Fly Away (feat. Charli Brix...sample clip
Nosaj Thing80Way We Were (feat. Zuri Mar...sample clip
Eeph86Night [Unmixed]sample clip
N4m385Tomorrow [Unmixed]sample clip
Wmd90Coalesce [Unmixed]sample clip
Ghostly Kisses55Roses [Unmixed]sample clip
Mvejimv62Out of Sight [Unmixed]sample clip
Gelka & Forteba62Habitable Zone [Unmixed]sample clip
Oscuro80Stay with Me [Unmixed]sample clip
Julien Marchal112Insight XX [Unmixed]sample clip
Direct100One Step Forward [Unmixed]sample clip
Amos Roddy & Toytree70Memory Cloud [Unmixed]sample clip
All India Radio52Evening Starsample clip
Bliss96a hundred thousand angelssample clip
Jennifer Berezan96Returningsample clip
MC YOGI96Shanti (Peace Out)sample clip
Niraj Chag64Banglessample clip
Quentin Dujardin70To 1977sample clip
Sean Johnson & The Wild L...70Om Hari Om-Sharanam Ganesha...sample clip
Shantala72Purnamadahsample clip
Sona Jobarteh63Reflectionssample clip
Wah!96Ma Chant (Savasana)sample clip
CRi (feat. Ouri & Odile M.)116Why I Love Yousample clip
Classixx61A Mountain with No Ending (...sample clip
Kiatu63Window Trinketsample clip
Equador60Avalon (Sieren Remix)sample clip
Sol Rising62Chillaxingsample clip
Dear Gravity60Departure - Canvassample clip
Dear Gravity55Faint Embersample clip
Ametsub70Mbr Ajisaisample clip
Ghosts of Paraguay68All of Mesample clip
Equador70Bones of Man (Himalia Remix)sample clip
Michael FK50Go Backsample clip
Michael FK & Faodail50Holding Backsample clip
Outerspace55Meditationsample clip
Kisnou58Musesample clip
The Ambientalist60Mysteries Unfoldsample clip
WMD60Redolentsample clip
Jellis66Send Me To the Deepsample clip
The Field Tapes & Azula70Upstatesample clip
Michael FK50Vacuumsample clip
Dear Gravity61What I've Become (Elskavon ...sample clip
Billie Eilish120everything i wanted [2x16 C...
sample clip
MrJ40 - 42Yoga Movie Mix
Adele81Send My Love (To Your New L...sample clip
Starling92You [Unmixed Single]sample clip
Adna65The Prettiest [Unmixed Single]sample clip
Marian Hill104Down [Unmixed Single]sample clip
Jarryd James71Do You Remember [Unmixed Si...sample clip
OneRepublic & Vegas Jones99Start Again [Unmixed Single]sample clip
Kings of Leon102Ragoo [Unmixed Single]sample clip
Winona Oak125He Dont Love Me [Unmixed Si...sample clip
Bob Dylan84Masters of War (SherGun Rem...sample clip
The Weeknd45Call Out My Name [Unmixed S...sample clip
Coldplay60True Love [Unmixed Single]sample clip
Selena Gomez96Kill Em With Kindness (Acou...sample clip
TK43 - 96My Mix
Danit40Cuatro Vientos (Rey & Kjavi...sample clip
Jean-Michel Jarre40The Watchers [Unmixed Single]sample clip
Nightmares On Wax75Back to Nature (Edit) [Unmi...sample clip
David Holmes44Four Years Later [Unmixed S...sample clip
Lux65Ice Breaker [Unmixed Single]sample clip
Sahale & Dubelu41Empowerment [Unmixed Single]sample clip
Maguera91Lost Minds Office [Unmixed ...sample clip
Kraak & Smaak58Hands of Time [Unmixed Single]sample clip
Mashti124Beautiful [Unmixed Single] ...sample clip
Commodity Place44Chenini [Unmixed Single]sample clip
Aqua Bassino55Na Nas Waltz [Unmixed Single]sample clip
Coldcut45Autumn Leaves (Irresistible...sample clip
2WEI61Toxic [Unmixed Single]sample clip
Carmody63Dreams [Unmixed Single]sample clip
Dia Frampton65Never Tear Us Apart [Unmixe...sample clip
7kingZ66The Strong Survive [Unmixed...sample clip
2WEI68Survivor [Unmixed Single]sample clip
2WEI72Gangstas Paradise [Epic] [U...sample clip
Zayde Wolf78Save Tonight [Unmixed Single]sample clip
Ruelle79Live Like Legends [Epic] [U...sample clip
Jennifer Ann54Everybody's Free (To Feel G...sample clip
Lusaint85More Than Friends (Acoustic...sample clip
James Gillespie76What You Do [UNMIXED Single]sample clip
Kwabs94Wrong Or Right [UNMIXED Sin...sample clip
RHODES56Your Soul [UNMIXED Single]sample clip
Hailey Tuck48Cruel Summer [UNMIXED Single]sample clip
Beth59Prayer in C [UNMIXED Single]sample clip
London Grammar75Hell to the Liars [UNMIXED ...sample clip
James Blake79Retrograde [UNMIXED Single]sample clip
Hattie Webb50Rhythm of the Night [UNMIXE...sample clip
Ruelle100War of Hearts [UNMIXED Single]sample clip
Lorde89Bravado [UNMIXED Single]sample clip
jfwestcott40 - 45My Mix
Lapsley40Painter [UNMIXED Single]sample clip
Geoffrey Oryema47Makambo [UNMIXED Single]sample clip
Joan Armatrading50Down To Zero [UNMIXED Single]sample clip
Warpaint59Whiteout [UNMIXED Single]sample clip
Odessa64Hummed Low [UNMIXED Single]sample clip
Colour The Atlas75Snow [UNMIXED Single]sample clip
Kygo75This Town [UNMIXED Single]sample clip
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