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Just Click Mix - It! - The Power of ORIGINAL ARTIST tracks, mixed by the original AutoDJ!

FitMixPro creates seamless custom mixes using the original Auto DJ Music Mixing System, which we patented in 2000. It's just like having a DJ to make seamless mixes for you, and you get to choose your music. And all tracks on FitMixPro are by the original artists - (no karaoke versions!).

It has the power to match the beats per minute (bpm) of the music you choose, and the ability to make it sound like a human mixed it! Brave claims indeed, which is why the site has a Mix Demo feature, so you can hear exactly how any music track you select will sound mixed into the next.

Try It Out! Click Mix Demo Between Tracks

Fit pros need total confidence in their group fitness music for their class. When you add any two music tracks to your Tracklist a Mix Demo button will appear between the tracks. Click Mix Demo and the The Auto DJ will instantly mix the two pieces of music you have chosen, and play you the transition of the end of one track merging into the beginning of the next.

For fitness instructors who use 32 Count choreography - any mix between two tracks marked '32' will be kept in 32 Count format.

Choosing the Right Music at the Right Speeds You have the power to change the speed and the order of the tracks, and the Auto DJ will adjust each mix perfectly. Just go to the Edit Mix page, make any changes, then click update. You can also search based on what kind of class you require - for example, you may want faster bpms for an Aerobics music mix, so you can search by the class type or the BPM.

Just Click Mix It!

It really is as simple as that - once you're happy with your mix settings - the track order, the music you've chosen, and the speeds, just click Mix It, follow the Paypal instructions, then in a few minutes your unique music mix is ready to download! With the Auto DJ, music in your classes will never be the same again!

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*Terms and conditions apply. All music by the ORIGINAL ARTISTS and copyright the respective rights holders. FitMix Pro is a music service for fitness professionals. Using our patented AutoDJ, fit pros create custom mixes for their classes - just choose your tracks and click Mix It! The AutoDJ mixes tracks seamlessly in 32 count format for choreography to go with freestyle routines.
©2005-2022 Higher House Productions Ltd, UK Registered Company No. 5001955. All rights reserved.
Powered by CAMMS (Computer Aided Music Mixing System). Patented. Fit Mix Pro is a registered trade mark.


  1. Pick your tracks

  2. Select the speeds

  3. Download Your Mix!


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