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Online music licensing has caught up with the move to online classes, here's the latest (updated 03 Nov 2021):

You can use music from for online classes.

Other suppliers have fewer rights than us, so this is strictly for music purchased here.


  1. Max 60 participants per class.

  2. Each class must be no longer than 60 minutes.

  3. This covers live streaming. It does not cover the recording of classes.

  4. Each class streamed will be treated as a standard class delivered under the existing PPL Exercise to Music licence and so the person streaming the class must have a current valid PPL licence.

  5. You do not need a Pro-Dub licence for music purchased from You would need one to use Spotify or iTunes.

To buy extra PPL licence credits call PPL directly on 0800868820 (option 1).

Which Platform?

Youtube and Facebook (inc Instagram) already have direct licences (including Sync) with the rights holders. We can confirm that:

  1. The PRS (publishing) have said "these services may already be licensed to cover content hosted on their platforms, including content uploaded by their users.";

  2. The PPL (performers) confirmed that if FitMixPro customers wanted to use these sites, they "would treat them as licensed" (subject to the rules listed above);

  3. You do not need a LOML licence to use the above sites.

Facebook does have an automated muting system on live streams on, but many customers have been using Instagram Live streaming and we are yet to hear about muting happening here. Thousands of our customers have used these sites over the past 2 years for live streaming fitness classes without any issues.

Can I use Zoom? Not really! The PPL are happy for you to use Zoom subject to the rules above, however in theory you should have a separate sync licensing agreement to use music on Zoom. None of our customers have had any action taken against them for using Zoom, but obviously we can't recommend it.

What about Twitter? We have no information on the sync rights for Twitter.

What about TikTok? What's Tik Tok?! We don't have enough info on the licensing set-up with TikTok as yet.

PPL Note: The PPL have confirmed they are also happy to include Facebook Messenger, FaceTime, Google hangouts, Microsoft Teams, Skype and WhatsApp in the terms above, but we don't have enough information on the Sync rights of these platforms.

What about Sync licensing? Sync licensing is used by writers to get deals for using their music on Ads. Not one of our instructors - or any others that we know of - have ever been approached about Sync licences. The above sites already have them in place. In our humble opinion.. 'Sync licensing' was used by karaoke/lift music companies, to try and scare customers into buying from them!


How Do I Get Paid? One option is Paypal: Log into Paypal to set up a Paypal-Me link. Send this to your customers, and they can pay you without needing a Paypal account.

YouTube Live is so easy for you and your customers. Here's the link to get set up: Youtube Live.

You'll need a PC or Mac, but your customers can view it on anything - mobile, tablets etc.

It can take 24 hours to activate Youtube Streaming, do it now! Then to start a class:

  • In Youtube click the + Plus sign.
  • Click "Go Live".
  • Click "Share" and send the link to your customers on Facebook, Whatsapp, email etc.

Can I record my classes? No, you have to stream them live.

What about Facebook Paid Events? Facebook's muting might kick in here.

Will Facebook / YouTube ban my page? No instructor pages have been banned for using original music during the lockdown. There's a good dispute system if needed but it's never got that far. We're here to confirm you purchased the music legitimately.

If you have any questions that aren't answered above please let us know, Special thanks to PPL and PRS for their help.

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