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FitMixPro is the leading supplier of Group Fitness Music downloads in Europe. We supply the latest tracks from the Top 40, dance anthems and older tracks from the 70s 80s and 90s.

Group fitness Music for fitness instructors is usually high energy and you can choreograph your freestyle classes easily, as each track marked '32' is in 32 Count format. Customers tend to choose in the range of 130-150 beats per minute for their aerobics music mixes, and you can tweak the speed (BPM) of the music in the Edit Mix page.

You can browse group fitness music mixes made by other fit pros by clicking 'Browse Mixes'. If you like you can then tailor your group fitness music mix to your own routines, or if you're an Exercise to Music student you can make a mix to fit your course exam.

You can change the BPM (Beats Per Minute) of each track in your group fitness music mix by clicking 'Edit Mix' - where you can also change the track order and see how long each mix will be. You can also click Mix Demo and the FitMixPro Auto DJ will play a sample of the tracks mixing from one to the next. So now you can make mixes of purely the tracks you want, no fillers, and keep the energy running through your mix from start to end!

You may also want to add a cool down track to your mix, if so click 'Cooldown' to see some tracks with a lower BPM that may be suitable. Once you're happy with your group fitness music mix just click Mix It and after payment your mix will be ready to download in minutes!

The FitMixPro Mixing system gives you the power to create pure mixes of high energy tracks you choose, at the click of a button!

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*Terms and conditions apply. All music by the ORIGINAL ARTISTS and copyright the respective rights holders. FitMix Pro is a music service for fitness professionals. Using our patented AutoDJ, fit pros create custom mixes for their classes - just choose your tracks and click Mix It! The AutoDJ mixes tracks seamlessly in 32 count format for choreography to go with freestyle routines.
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